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Soup, pizza, whipped cream, cake: Find out which ones are best for your recipes.
BOMANN has a wide range of appliances and accessories to help you get more out of your kitchen


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Efficient, modern and energy-saving

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All of our devices come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. If a defect occurs in our devices during this period, we will help you quickly and easily.


Time for Coffee

Household appliances that do not need to be replaced



Citrus juicer Bomann CJ 1606

Bomann professional double juicer PDJ 1201 DS

Bomann professional double juicer PDJ 1202 DT

We approach each product individually and with care
Making the decision to live more sustainably doesn’t have to be a tricky one. At BOMANN we provide innovative and efficient solutions helping you save energy, water and reduce food waste.

Helping hand for your daily routines

BOMANN appliances are designed to fit seamlessly into your regular daily routines, providing you with an easy solution to getting the most out of your appliances and giving you the comfort of control and monitoring theme.